Working in Germany

22 Nov

During September and October I was away working for a theatre company  in Germany as a costume maker. As one of the techies I go out for the 5 week rehearsal period and along with the designer, scenic artists, prop makers and other costume makers, create plays that are then sent out on tours across Europe teaching children of different ages to speak English.

The Möhnesee Lake which we stay on

It’s like no other job i’ve had and is so much fun considering you live and work with these people 24/7 for 5 weeks!

So what did I make I hear you cry! Well considering there are 9 plays in total there is a wide variety of costumes that need making including, historical, fantasy, modern and just plain bizarre!

Below is a 1950s dress for a character called Mrs. Dimple which has a fake button up front and zip in the side and a full circle skirt.

Mrs Dimple dress in the costume room

Mrs Dimple dress on stage

Making costumes for plays that need to last a year on a tour is a lot different to making normal dresses. For starters they need to be easy to get in and out of and preferably washable and there tends to be A LOT of poppers involved!

1920s ladies combination underwear for .er… a man

Next was a silky ladies unison suit, but for a man, oh the hilarity! Complete with a ruched bottom, flower buttons and lace trim.

Combination underwear from the back

This was certainly an interesting make considering the actor was 6′ 7″!

Below is the toile for a 1920s turban for the same play which i’ll show you next time.

Lady Swigwell Turban


Ciao for now!


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