New things

29 May

I’ve been home in devon for the last couple of days which apart from no work and home cooked dinners provides excellent charity shops!
Here are my finds:


Vintage patterns from 1967 and 1969 50p each.


Number 4 is my favorite from this line up and I like those slanted darts!

I also got a metre of baby blue wide lace for £2.


I can see this on a waistline of a smart dress, maybe in a cream or pale yellow crepe?


I also bought some candy coloured nail varnish…not from a charity shop but still yummy.


The Great Gatsby

24 May

I bought this book with the great intention (see what I did there) of becoming inspired to read more classic American literature. Unfortunately I could only struggle as far as the 3rd chapter before buying something else and tossing said book into my already substantial pile of half read prose.

Good news for me is that the film will be out at christmas, phew! So here’s the trailer…

Read some of the backlash here

In a shock statement made by, well, everybody, christmas parties are going to be awash with flapper dresses and sequins!

These original beauties get my vote.

So what do you think about the trailer? Will you be watching the film?

Yellow Gingham Window Dress

19 May

I have had a bit of time off recently when i saw this picture on the stylist website:

I love the cut out section at the top of the bodice and the different sized gingham is cute! It’s an ASOS dress (only avaliable in America dammit) so I thought hey, I can totally make that. Possibly.

Fitting the front of the bodice was suprisingly easy using an old pattern of mine but the back is sooooo difficult to fit!

I had to do the fitting for the back on my mannaquin which is never very accurate!

I decided on yellow gingham which I knew could either look super summer chic or just crazy lady wearing a tablecloth… So here it is for you to decided!










I shall post more pictures of me in the dress if the sun ever decides to come out!

What i’m working on…

14 May

I like sewing…AND WHAT?

14 May


Sewing is pretty big in my life right now; it’s on my mind like a shiny new boyfriend, so having a blog dedicated to sewing/fashion/fabrics seems appropriate. I hope you’ll like it.


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