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Mega Cool Stuff

1 Aug

Work in progress

I’ve had a mental few weeks making costumes and dresses, including one very special wedding dress which I will share with you very soon! There is so much stuff I want to post about but I’m now working on another wedding dress which is eating up my time but here are some links that you may find of interest…

>>>Karen Barbe’s blog was a new find for me but now it seems I see her mentioned everywhere in the internet! Her cute embroidery makes me want to take up the craft again. Here is a tutorial for cute embroidered patches.

>>>I’ve always liked the fact that jersey fabric is so versatile and you can cut it and stretch it without fraying, very rock chic. This tutorial shows you how to macramé a t shirt.

>>>How to set up your own business I found this article in the online version of the Stylist magazine.

Have a lovely week!


Mega Cool Stuff…

10 Jun

It’s been a eventful week for me here, including my birthday and a festivals where I wore my gingham dress and got VERY wet!

Like any other blog out there I thought i’d participate in a regular roundup of internet treats for you all (Mega Cool Stuff). It could be anything so watch out…

This week:

>>>> Great tutorial on making your own moccasins Here

>>>> Friendship bracelets with added bling! on HonestlyWTF

>>>> I have to make a covered belt with no clue how so i’m hoping this tutorial from Casey will help!

>>>> Since my housemates are on the verge of disowning me due to pin related injuries, I’m totally doing THIS

>>>> This video is pretty neat for an insight into the making of boots…

I have a very full week of sewing ahead for a few special ladies wedding dresses which hopefully I’ll be able to share with you very soon,

Ciao x

[Listening to Phenomenal Handclap Band – The Unknown Faces at Father James Park]

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