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Mega Cool Stuff

29 Aug

So this was the week which saw my brides dress in action! I can’t believe it’s gone from a simple cotton toile to beautiful full blown wedding dress!

I have a million photos to edit and organise so in the meantime enjoy some lovely links!
>>>Tilly and the Buttons shared this great tutorial on Making a Tailors Ham.

>>>I discovered an amazing computer wizard and blogger in the form of pugly pixel! Her blog has so many great tips and ideas including this great tutorial on adding images and links to your sidebars. You may have noticed my nifty new links on the left!

>>> Whilst on A Beautiful Mess I saw this Free Lensing tutorial which looks pretty cool!

>>>My new favorite collection comes from Alice McCall. I love the colours she uses and I definitely have a soft spot for silk organza especially if it’s layered with other fabric.

>>>Some inspirational images of Modes at Travaux from 1953 on Buttons and Bobbins.
Have a great week!

Ciao x


Mega Cool Stuff…

10 Jun

It’s been a eventful week for me here, including my birthday and a festivals where I wore my gingham dress and got VERY wet!

Like any other blog out there I thought i’d participate in a regular roundup of internet treats for you all (Mega Cool Stuff). It could be anything so watch out…

This week:

>>>> Great tutorial on making your own moccasins Here

>>>> Friendship bracelets with added bling! on HonestlyWTF

>>>> I have to make a covered belt with no clue how so i’m hoping this tutorial from Casey will help!

>>>> Since my housemates are on the verge of disowning me due to pin related injuries, I’m totally doing THIS

>>>> This video is pretty neat for an insight into the making of boots…

I have a very full week of sewing ahead for a few special ladies wedding dresses which hopefully I’ll be able to share with you very soon,

Ciao x

[Listening to Phenomenal Handclap Band – The Unknown Faces at Father James Park]

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